The Calm of Einaudi

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CD front cover

1. Nuvole Bianche (White Clouds)
2. Le Onde (The Wave)
3. Dolce Droga (Gentle Drug)
4. Stella del Mattino (Morning Star)
5. Rose
6. In Un’ Altra Vita (In Another Life)
7. La Nascita delle Cose Segrete (The Birth of Secret Things)
8. I Due Fiumi (Two Rivers)
9. Come un Fiore (Like a Flower)
10. Reverie
11. Resta con Me (Stay with Me)
12. I Giorni (The Days)
13. Leo
14. Melodia Africana IV (excerpt)

Recorded: 5th July & 1st August 2011, Toad Row Studios
Recording Producers: Christine Rayner & Will Vaughan
Recording Engineers: Will Vaughan
Total duration: 63:14
Label: Attuned Heart Recordings

Cover photography by Dennis Reddick

© Christine Rayner unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.