Updated March 2013

A few examples of reflective poetry from my book 'When Our Children Rule'. read more »

An update on where proceeds from CD sales are going, along with thanks The Calm of Einaudifor all the support. read more »

CD 'The Calm of Einaudi'
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Welcome to my website.

Through this website I hope to help you or someone you know through their cancer experience. You can read more via the Updates tab above, or via this link, or you can start at the first of my updates and read forwards from there.

You can also find more about my book 'Courage, Brave Amazon' or my CD 'The Calm of Einaudi' on this site.

If you are a breast cancer patient, please think of me as a friend, one you've never met but who has always been there for you, silent and unknown until now, when you need her. In the darkness and despair of the early days of your breast cancer I am here for you to talk to, confide in, even to shout at if you need to release any anger you may feel.

For to be diagnosed with cancer can, and does cause a lot of people to feel very angry, in addition to all the other emotions that rise to the surface. Angry because you don't deserve this, neither does your partner and family. You may have already asked the question "Why me?"

I will tell you why; because you're strong enough to get through this. Strong enough to believe in yourself and your power to look the fear full in the face, challenge it, and defeat it. This is what I did, and now I'm here to help you through your own breast cancer journey. ~ more »

Copies of 'Courage, Brave Amazon – One Woman's Spiritual Journey Through Breast Cancer' and my CD 'The Calm of Einaudi' are available from www.newworldmusic.com. My CD is also available for purchase and download at Amazon.co.uk. A few remaining copies of my book of reflective poetry 'When Our Children Rule' can be obtained directly from me priced £2.50 inc. P&P. A few examples of my poetry can be read here. Please email me for more details.